Founded in Sumirago, in the northern Italian province of Varese, in 1969, Chimiplastica Lombarda is based in an area renowned as an industrial powerhouse where the rubber and plastics sector has expanded more than in any other part of Italy.

With a production capacity of 12,000 tons/year, Chimiplastica Lombarda can meet any of the market’s demands, deliver products custom formulated and developed for individual customers, and guarantee prompt assistance as and when needed.

Chimiplastica Lombarda is a dynamic partner with rapid response times that consistently invests in the latest production and compound technologies.


+ 1200




+ 1000

Batches delivered per year

Our production division is streamlined, efficient and highly specialised and every compounding line is specifically configured to produce one range of compounds as PVC-P, filled U-PVC, transparent U-PVC and compounds for injection moulding.

Our product range is one of the most comprehensive available in the PVC industry and includes plasticised compounds with hardness ranging from ShA 35 to ShA 95 and U-PVC compounds for any application or processing method.

These are just some of the applications in which our materials are used:

U-PVC compounds applications

pipes and profiles for the construction industry
electrical conduits
corrugated pipes
spiral pipes
technical profiles
furniture profiles
high-VICAT profiles with C-PVC
PVC-SAN and PVC-ABS-SAN alloys
transparent profiles
impact-resistant profiles
moulded pipe fittings for the construction industry
pressure-resistant moulded pipe fittings
blown bottles and containers

P-PVC compounds applications

furniture trims
transparent profiles  
furniture and furnishing profiles
spiral pipes
transparent flexible pipes
garden hoses and pipes
table linen
waterproof membranes for basins
phthalate-free pipes and profiles
pipes and profiles with PVC/NBR alloys


Chimiplastica Lombarda operates an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system that focuses on formulating and producing PVC compounds.

All our products are made with virgin raw materials that are selected from and supplied by leading companies.

Each step in the production of our compounds is carefully monitored, supervised by our software programmes, and managed by experienced personnel that receives regular training.

Our laboratory performs over 10,000 checks annually to guarantee our products always offer same standard of quality and designs and upgrades more than a hundred formulations every year.


At Chimiplastica Lombarda, we are equipped to handle any type of shipment and work with logistics firms that provide speedy, efficient services.

Our granules can be packed in polyethylene bags, boxes, cardboard octabins, big bags, or shipped loose in tankers.

Many of Chimiplastica Lombarda products are exported and our compounds are sold throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and America.

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